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During my 25 years in business a bit of recognition has made me blush and given me some encouragement to confidently take on the next challenge.  My imposter complex is HUGE because I taught myself how to do this work, years after receiving my degree in English Literature from UWO. For me, it's the intersection between art and the sense of home; how different that looks and feels for all of us. I have so much respect and admiration for designers and decorators; their work, and their stories, inspire me daily.  I buy their beautiful books and pour over them whenever I can, or when I’m not reading one of the zillion magazines I quite simply cannot live without. LOL. I love houses, I love the notion of home and I especially love finding a way to make a house into a home that reflects the people who live and love within its walls.

For over 15 years working with Westhaven Homes has been enriching, professionally and personally.  That they trust me with their homeowners, and their speculative and model homes is flattering indeed but that they include me, and my whole family, in their personal lives is icing on cake that’s almost too beautiful to eat.  Last year we built our second condominium project, and we won the London Home Builders Association Creative Award of Excellence.  Heady stuff for having made the final call, sooner than expected, for all the exterior colours and materials from a canoe, near our remote and off-grid cabin in Northern Ontario, at the only spot on the river with an internet connection…


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Additional Media

It was a pleasant surprise for the house and me to play a roll in the music video, shot by Chris Evans, 7Z Inc., for Andrew Rayel's Silver Lining, if you would like to see the video you can watch it here: Silver Lining ! 

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