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Design and decorating are highly subjective fields in which to work.  Perhaps that’s why I love them so.  The nuances, shades and textures; the different ways in which we, as individuals, react to them leave little room for the absolute and I find that most comfortable.  Taste is personal and beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

I believe, in my heart of hearts, that you should live with what you love.  Almost regardless of budget I think that’s possible, too. With equal strength of conviction I know that patience is a virtue, and that time spent really thinking about what you like will never be wasted, I also know that being open to unexpected discovery can be so rewarding. Embracing a new direction as the walls come down during a renovation, unexpectedly falling in love with art in a gallery stumbled upon during a holiday - or a piece of furniture seen on the curb the day the students move out - all point you toward home.

A riotous mix of colour and pattern?  The serenity of a quiet and cohesive colour palette? That they are equally beautiful is indisputable.  Pick the mix that reflects you and when you open the door to your home that’s what people will see, a warm reflection of you.

If I can help you make your house into your home, and perhaps save you from making one of the many mistakes I’ve already made ;) our collaboration will have been successful. This career has given me the opportunity to get to know many people on a truly intimate level.  That those clients call me back with new projects as lives are lived is the greatest compliment.  This business has enriched my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined as a young woman hanging out my own shingle, some 25 years ago. And the only days I regret are the ones when the drapes arrive in the wrong colour.


Sue has worked on two major interior design projects for us and we have loved everything she has done.    


For our first cottage project, she had a great understanding of the location, immediately recognizing the importance of sightlines to the lake, and how to make the most of the property and the setting.   I trusted Sue’s eye for all the elements of the design.  She definitely has great taste, and a fantastic sense for colour.  When I had quirky requests, instead of shooting them down, she was very open minded and figured out great ways to incorporate them into our project.    That said, she gently pushed us out of our comfort zone with spectacular results (when we sit in our sectional sofa enjoying our 12 foot high stone fireplace, we congratulate ourselves on trusting her judgement!).


Sue not only understands what will look amazing and improve functionality, but will add value to the property in the process.   All of this with a moderate budget and a great sense of humour.

—Sandra Linsdell

We appreciate Sue's genuine and creative approach for our interior as well as exterior design needs, and are thrilled with the many projects she has completed for Westhaven Homes and our clients.   She always goes the extra mile (literally) to create the look and feel that has sold hundreds of homes." 
—Owner, Westhaven Homes, David Off

When my husband passed away after a terrible illness I knew that the kids and I needed a change. Something fresh, fun and welcoming.  I also knew that I didn’t have the energy to deal with the challenges of working  with various contractors and suppliers to make it all happen. Sue and Andrew were wonderful to work with from concept right down to the final product and made a large renovation stress free and fun.  Sue's keen eye and expert design sense is beyond compare. We live in an older home in Toronto and Sue gave it a fresh new life without taking away any of its character.  She really listened to our family and took into account everyones needs and “wish lists”.  We all felt important and heard and the end result is simply spectacular. Andrew and his team worked tirelessly, meticulously and always with a smile.  Nothing was ever “too much”  and they continuously went well beyond what what necessary. They always showed up bright and early (even though the were coming from two hours away) and worked tirelessly. 

Working with Sue, Andrew and the team was an amazing experience. We love coming home."

—Kristen Paterson 

My husband and I recently embarked on a large project which involved renovating a century Ontario Cottage.  We have worked with Sue for the past two decades on different projects, but this one was a complete renovation, and we knew we needed her help!  Our goal was to live as beautifully as we did in a totally different style home. Like us, Sue honours and respects heritage properties, and this 1870 cottage needed a serious update without compromising the integrity of the home. There were so many decisions to make, and at every turn, Sue helped us navigate the process with ease and confidence.  We often marveled at how she managed to get things done.  Sue transcended our shared work into joy. She introduced me to Suzanne Kasler, another brilliant designer, who believes that “a room should be collected, not decorated”.  With that philosophy, Sue blended bespoke furniture with antiques to our personal collections. Every room in our home has been touched by Sue, from fabrics and wallpaper, to lighting, to bespoke baseboards and furniture, to draperies and trim, to faucets and tile.  Our home is both elegant and comfortable in a way that allows us to live beautifully."

—Joey McDowell

Working with Sue Jory on the design elements of our new home was like sitting down with a friend over tea and having the most interesting and enjoyable conversation. Sue helped me explore my ideas and refine selections. She made design suggestions that confirmed she had listened and really understood our needs. I love how everything came together. Thanks to Sue, our home is elegant, warm and welcoming — perfect for enjoying on our own or sharing with family and friends.”

—Carole Stinson 

I am a repeat customer of Sue's because she is able to listen to my words and come up with a beautiful vision. She is very collaborative as you talk through options and make important decisions. I have used Sue's expertise and services for custom built ins, custom drapery, paint colour selection and room design, and the results are fabulous and worth every penny! An investment in your home is for the long term and I have full confidence in Sue's creative process and fun approach to design and decorating."

Lisa Mangiarelli

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